PreConstruction Services

Since 1972, VanMar has built strong values which we live by every day.

The preconstruction stage is vital to ensuring that the design meets the client’s purpose and user requirements, and that the design is as constructible, efficient, durable, and maintainable as possible.

It is the ideal stage at which to implement value engineering and to find cost savings in terms of materials, systems, and construction methods that permit the building to be constructed as quickly, safely, and economically as possible without compromising the client’s vision of how the finished project will look and function.

VanMar has extensive experience guiding clients through the conceptualization, planning, and design stages. We help clients, their architects, and the consultants to make informed decisions and create an efficient, economic and buildable design.

Our preconstruction services provide the following key advantages:

  • Cost-effective solutions

    Where possible, we will suggest lower-cost alternatives for all design concepts, building systems and material selections while preserving the quality, functionality, economics, buildability and aesthetics of the built structure

  • Contractor input on design

    Because of our vast experience with projects of any construction type, we are able to anticipate problems and offer solutions to many design issues. Dealing with these issues after final documents have been completed, would add significant design costs.

  • Buildable construction

    Our years of experience in the industry has given us the ability to spot things that are difficult to build. We then provide alternative design ideas that are easier to construct and to prove more durable.

  • Real costs of construction

    VanMar maintains an up-to-date database of historical construction costs based on current and previously completed projects. This means that unit rate data employed in our estimates reflects true, current market construction costs.

Roadmap to Success

VanMar’s preconstruction services result in constructible, cost-effective, and coordinated project documents. With a highly structured process we manage the deliverables from the Owner, Municipality, and Consultant Team.

Design Solutions

During the Preconstruction process, we draw from previous experience to solve any unique challenges that may arise with the project. This past experience also enables us to determine which building systems and materials are suited best to complete the job economically.

Constructibility Reviews

In addition to our value engineering options, we offer drawing reviews at key milestones throughout the entire design process to ensure your project is as simple to construct as possible, saving money and time.

Site Logistics

Our commitment to constructible design is second to none. We properly plan our construction strategy for each project, saving untold wasted hours on-site and construction costs.