Turn-key and tailored to your needs.

As design-builder, VanMar manages the design of the project and then builds it at a guaranteed project cost.

Because VanMar and its trusted team of architects, contractors, and sub-trades is involved from the earliest design stages, we can best meet your needs and technical requirements.

Since we manage the design process, we can ensure that the project is built at the lowest possible cost. In fact, we frequently find unexpected savings opportunities that lower the price beyond an owner’s hopes, while maintaining quality.

The advantages of this model to the owner are many:

  • VanMar assumes all design, construction, budget and performance risks.
  • VanMar’s professionals handle the pre-construction and construction phases of your project.
  • VanMar puts together a design and construction team that will provide an innovative, economic, aesthetic, functional, energy efficient, durable design that is constructible to a high quality.
  • VanMar optimizes project management and provides tight control over the budget and the scheduling from the start of the project. This reduces and protects costs, and ensures the timely completion of the project.

VanMar contracted under the Design-Build model for the following projects:

Caroline Street Private Residences

Waterloo View

Richmond Hill Hub

Richmond Hill View

Woodbridge Lane

Woodbridge View

Martin House Seniors Residence

Milton View