Career Pathways


Your career can advance in many directions. There are several career pathways in construction and, at VanMar, we encourage you to diversify your experience in as many areas of the business as possible.



Working amongst strong, ambitious, industry experts, you will not only build a diverse portfolio of construction projects, but you will also build upon your skills and experience for further growth and career transformation.

Project Management & Coordination

Our Project Managers direct and mentor our Project Coordinators and Assistant Project Managers so they can develop the skillsets involved to manage and administer our construction projects. They will learn to schedule and monitor projects, prepare and administer prime contracts with clients, administer subcontracts with the subcontractors and suppliers, and much more. Working together with the site team, they will be responsible for the design and construction of the project from conception to occupancy. Our team of Project Managers are given all of the resources required to manage their projects to completion. Senior management is prepared to motivate, set clear guidelines, and provide proven established procedures that are a key part of our success story. The collaborative approach to our work instills a sense of community on our projects, setting VanMar apart from others.


Involved in pre-planning of projects, the pre-construction/construction technology team identifies and resolves problems before construction takes place. It is imperative that the design is carefully managed in an efficient, economic, and constructable manner, and this department makes a great impact in the early stages where some of the most significant design decisions are made. This department is also involved in logistical planning and collaborates with many other cross-functional departments including estimating, project management, and construction.


Estimating is an engaging and dynamic career choice allowing employees to hone in on their technical skills with detailed quantity surveying on exciting landmark projects. Estimators gain experience in structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural domains and enjoy developing long-lasting relationships with excellent trade contractors.


As exciting as the building process is, the development team helps to shape the urban environment. This is a career with significant breadth. Employees in development share a love of and excitement for seeing parts become wholes as their roles involve determining where people will live, work, and play tomorrow. Development Coordinators, Development Planners, and Development Managers interact with several different disciplines throughout the various stages of land acquisitions to post-construction activities on high-profile landmark projects, leveraging and building upon their existing skills to navigate through complex challenges.

Health & Safety

Safety is a core value at VanMar. The Health & Safety department is a dedicated group of professionals committed to maintaining the safest possible work conditions for the benefit of our workers, trades, clients, community, and company. Safety engagement takes place before a project begins, and our standards are maintained with on-site Construction Safety Officers to support VanMar’s Health & Safety Program, policies, and all applicable legislation.


Every VanMar project includes a team of diverse and passionate professionals with backgrounds in areas other than construction. We value the contributions of all our employees and understand that it takes a team of people with skills in accounting, human resources, and administration to help make successful projects a reality.

Customer Service & Warranty

Acting as advocates for the homeowner, VanMar’s Customer Service & Warranty department provides best-in-class customer service as the point of contact for homeowners throughout the warranty periods. Utilizing second-to-none relationship skills, employees in Customer Service & Warranty thrive on challenges and have fulfilling experiences when a homeowner is truly happy.

Career Opportunities

Your success is essential to the work we do. Here, you’re able to do what you are passionate about alongside others who are just as passionate about what they are doing as they are about your development.

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Student Opportunities

We recognize that students are the future of the industry, and our student programs are an integral part of VanMar’s future success and growth. Whether on the jobsite or in the office, students are important members of our team.

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Scholarships & Bursaries

The VanMar Scholars Program Construction Scholarship and VanMar’s Building Futures Bursary Program bursaries further encourage involvement in, and ambition towards, careers in construction and development.

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