Construction Management at Risk

Peace of mind at a fixed price.

Our team has decades of experience building multi-family residential developments. We can reliably price and schedule projects to a high degree of certainty based just on the concept drawings and a careful analysis of the project scope.

When VanMar acts as Construction Manager at Risk, we guarantee a fixed price for a project and limit your exposure to project risks overall and your responsibilities and administrative burden during construction. Owners who choose this contract method choose peace of mind.

This delivery model is most appropriate when the cost of a project can be accurately established before construction.

As Construction Manager at Risk, VanMar will do the following for you:

  • VanMar will provide pre-construction services on a Construction Management basis until the design is complete and then enter into a fixed-price contract for the construction phase.
  • Upon completion of the schematic design, VanMar will put together a preliminary construction budget.
  • VanMar will work with you and the design team during the design and approval phase to design a project that can be built for the target budget.
  • VanMar will monitor the construction budget and design development during the design phase to ensure the target budget is maintained.

VanMar contracted under the Construction Management at Risk model for the following projects:

Ridgeford Community Homes

Scarborough View

Bramalea Christian Fellowship Residences

Brampton View

The Taunton Apartments

Oakville View

Jasper Condos

Milton View

Richmond Hill Hub

Richmond Hill View

Woodbridge Lane

Woodbridge View

Lake House Condos

Grimsby View

Martin House Seniors Residence

Milton View

Market Commons

Guelph View

Jazz Condos

Burlington View